Astatine Network Roadmap

Phase 1: Foundation and Vision

  • Project Inception and Team Formation

  • White Paper Development and Strategic Planning

Phase 2: Core Development and Testing

Technical Architecture Design and Prototyping

  • Design and blueprint of the Astatine Network's core components, including consensus mechanism and cross-chain bridge.

  • Initial prototyping of smart contracts and cross-chain functionalities.

Testnet Launch and Security Audits

  • Deployment of the Astatine Network's testnet for internal testing and validation.

  • Engagement with external security auditors to ensure the robustness and integrity of the network.

Phase 3: Mainnet Launch and Ecosystem Growth

Mainnet Launch with Limited Features

  • Rollout of the Astatine Network's mainnet with a selected set of features and initial validators.

  • Introduction of staking mechanisms and participation incentives.

Cross-Chain Bridge Alpha Release and DApp Integration

  • Alpha release of the trustless cross-chain bridge, enabling asset transfers between compatible blockchains.

  • Integration of initial decentralized applications (DApps) to showcase the Astatine Network's capabilities.

Phase 4: Expansion and Adoption

DeFi Optimization and Partnerships

  • Launch of advanced decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and yield farming opportunities.

  • Establishment of strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects for interoperability.

Cross-Chain Bridge Enhancements and Community Growth

Phase 5: Decentralization and Global Impact

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